Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What is LIFI technology and how it work?

Light of Fidelity (LIFI)

The LIFI Stand of “Light of Fidelity.” It was first discovered by German physicist “Harald Haas” from the University of Edinburgh. It was announced in 2011 and was considered the best innovation of the year. LIFI emits visible light rays to communicate with user computer and devices. It is based on the type of LED lamps.

How LIFI Work

The working principle of LIFI is the same as Fiber Optic Communications, where light travels in the form of Pulses through the fiber. Here is the same scenario that data will move in the form of light pulses (Binary Number), but the Optical medium will not require. It does not use radio wave-like Wi-Fi. It uses LED light for data transmission purposes. A photodetector device is necessary to decode light on the receiving side.

You can still use the internet while light decreases to some limits that it cannot be observed by eyes. But it will result in decreasing internet speed.

The speed of Lifi is 100 times greater than Wifi. The researchers measured speed for Lifi 10 Gbps while Wifi provides 100 Mbps. Wow, imagine data transfer with such speed. You can still use the internet while light decreases to some limits that it cannot be observed by eyes. But it will result in decreasing internet speed. Lifi uses the regular light bulb as a router to transmit its information. Lifi provides the same speed all the time as compare to Wifi because it depends on light, and Wifi uses radio waves that do not remain stable all the time.

The Advantages of LIFI

1) Safety

One of the main benefits of LIFI over wifi is that its area of the internet is limited to the field of light. This becomes harder for a hacker to reach your network. In the case of WIFI, radio waves spread all around and hard to control, this becomes easier for a hacker to spy on your network.

2) Speed

LIFI provide 100 times better the wifi because LIFI uses the frequency of waves is 1000 time greater than the frequency of radio wave uses by WIFI. It's mean that you can play online HD videos and high-quality Graphic games, etc.

3) Costs

Lifi does not need any specialized equipment that costs you a lot. Because it does not require significant infrastructure or larger towers etc.

4) Restricted Areas

In some sensitive areas like hospitals, airplanes, factories, people are restricted from the use of the internet because radio waves can cause damage. LIFI technology solves this problem and allows us to use the internet in such sensitive areas without causing any damage.

The Disadvantages of LIFI

1) Range

Now let start discussing the weakness of LIFI. One of the main drawbacks is Range. LIFI cannot penetrate walls, so if you are outside of the room, you will not access the internet.

Keep in mind that not only walls interrupt the signal, you should also care about everything that stops passing LED bulb light through it. That way, we will short of range using LIFI.

2) Another Light Source

The second disadvantage of LIFI is another light source. If you placing LIFI in such a place where light can reach from outside or within a room, so there is a chance of interference.

3) Late Night User

The last disadvantage is especially for Gammer and late-night internet users. They will not enjoy the internet at night because by dimming the lights will reduce the internet speed. That's why you should keep a bright full brighter to access the fast internet.

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