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Affordable Solution to Check Phone Number and Phone Line Availability Using VoIP

Checking Phone Number and Phone Line Availability Using VoIP

One of the newest and most advanced services used by industries is Phone Number Monitoring. This outstanding solution is an economical service that effectively places all of your scheduled calls while automatically generating alert calls in case the response is not as expected. For most call centers and cutting-edge monitoring applications, the use of a Response Time (RT) measurement feature is widely available for assessing the time that existed when the call was made to when it was answered.

Ordinary Telephone

Features of Phone Number Monitoring

Telephone line monitoring provides advanced capabilities for determining your company’s phone system performance and in offering real-time alerts when all your calls are unanswered or failed to meet the predetermined call-response standard. Furthermore, the features are scalable to meet the needs of small or large call centers, and PNM technologies provide the finest benefits with minimal investment. Hence, most industries prefer to use phone line monitoring in their company because it is easy to set up as a tool in reporting in real-time, or in monitoring call failures or non-responsive calls. You can also obtain statistical reports that are intended for call failures or hold time.

Phone line monitoring is a special web-based solution that is easy to set up, schedule and utilize. With this service, you can instantly monitor calls and interpret all results against all pre-determined response time criteria. In case the call fails, a text message, email or alert call will be sent instantly to inform all users of any discrepancy. Furthermore, the tool comes with a cutting-edge feature such as the RTM or Response Time Measurement. With this service, you can internally route phone calls and determine the accurate time incurred between the call connect and the time your call was answered by the agent. In addition, the service records all of the pertinent call details and makes these pieces of information available online for analysis, evaluation, printing or reporting purposes.

With the help of PNM, you can enhance your company’s telecommunication services and performance. The tool can help all call center managers in attaining some of the basic performance objectives in the job. For instance, a monitoring system can ensure the availability and responsiveness of the phone system. It is also possible to determine the reliability of the company’s internal departments in attending to customers’ concerns by responding to their calls.

However, the attainment of these objectives may be meaningless without the use of the right tool. Thus, call center managers should take the time and effort in investing in a reliable and dependable tool such as a monitoring system that will enhance business productivity and operations while meeting the demands of customers.

Why Choose a Phone Line Monitoring System

Utilizing the best telephone line monitoring system is a cost-effective and practical solution for any industry. This tool is quick to set up, and you only need to encode details about your phone number, choose your preferred greeting and schedule specific alerts for calls. There is no additional interaction required, as well. Moreover, the tool is widely available anytime or any day by simply using all scheduler. You will instantly receive alert calls or emails when the response time has not been met.

Furthermore, there is no need to install or purchase a special piece of equipment. You can get started easily even without a long-term commitment or contract. Hence, you can always choose to discontinue the service whenever you wish and just pay the amount you have incurred for a month or the duration that you have availed of this service. This way, you can save more money while employing a practical business telecommunications solution for your company. Sign Up for Immediate Access to PNM Services here.

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