Monday, February 25, 2019

Brief Guide to Mac (Media Control Access) Address or Physical Address

MAC or Physical Address

MAC stands for “Media Access control”. It is also called Physical address, Burn-in address, Hardware address, or Unique address.

MAC address is the 48-bit address, which is labeled on your system NIC (Network Interface Card). MAC address depends on the number of NIC cards. If your system has one NIC card, then your system has one MAC address; similarly, if your system has three NIC cards, then your system has three MAC addresses.

For example, one MAC address is of LAN card, one is of Bluetooth, and one is of Wireless connection.

How to find MAC address?

To find your system’s MAC address, follow the simple steps
  1. Open CMD
  2. Type ipconfig/all
  3. Hit enter
There you will see your MAC address. The following picture shows the MAC address of my system.
Mac view in window 7

MAC address is in Hexadecimal digits like “28-80-23-00-EA-A3” where A=10, B=11 ….. F=15. It is divided into two portions of 24 bits. See the following picture.
Mac address or physical address explanation

The first three pairs are called OUI (Organizational Unique Identifier). Every organization has its own unique OUI for all of its products. For Example, “The first three pairs of all HP products must be the same” in the same way the first three digits of all DELL products also must be the same.

The second portion is called NIC (Network Interface Controller), which is specific. It cannot be duplicated for other products; for example, if one HP laptop has NIC portion “00-EA-A3” then this address can never be used for other HP laptops.

To find which company my MAC address related to :

  1. Open google
  2. Search “MAC Vendor lookup”
  3. Paste your MAC address then.

You will get your company name, which your MAC address related to.

If you want to get all the information related to your MAC address, i.e. where my MAC address developed, etc., you can check it by going to the following website

There you can paste your MAC address in the given box, and it will show your MAC address information.

MAC addresses can be used for tracking. It can track your location as it is labeled on your NIC card and can show your location.

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