Monday, February 25, 2019

What is Network Mode and the best preferred network mode is?

What is Network Mode?

Network Mode enables to you switch between different networks like 2G, 3G, UMTS, LTE, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE and more. The switching can be done automatically, or you have to select a preferred network manually. Keep reading to know about all possible network modes.
  • 2G Only
  • 3G Only
  • 4G or LTE Only
  • 3G/2G (Auto Connect)
  • LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect or Global Mode)

2G Only

It is also known as GSM Only. That's mean your mobile will search for only 2G signals. GSM (2G) will provide a slow internet connection, and it is suitable for voice services, but the voice will not be clear as compared to 3G only because of low bandwidth.

3G Only

3G also represents in some devices as WCDMA or UMTS only which are 3G networks, and it allows you to surf the internet faster than 2G. Using this mode, your mobile will receive only a 3G signal. It is better in both voice service and the internet as compared to 2G only. If you are traveling around the world then use this option with caution because 3G is still not available in some countries.

4G Only or LTE Only

In this mode you are forcing your device to look only for 4G signals. This mode is a perfect choice for non-travelers. Travelers are advised to use Global Mode to stay in-network without any issue. Using this mode you will surf the internet with high data rates and can watch videos without buffering. This mode provides a high data rate as compared to 3G only mode.

3G/2G (Auto-Connect)

It is also known as WCDMA/GSM. Using this mode user allowed the mobile user to switch between 2G and 3G. If the WCDMA (3G) signal is not available, then mobile will automatically search for 2G signals. Sometimes the device changes the mode from one to another because of low signals. Instead of using 2g or 3g only mode I will recommend you to use this mode because it will auto switch your network which has stronger signals.

LTE/3G/2G (Auto-Connect) or Global Mode

This mode is specially designed for those who travel most of their time because this mode support almost all Networks start from 1G to 4G. In case if you traveling to a country or a city where 4G is not available so this mode will switch your network to 3G and so on. And you will receive a signal without any issue and also you will not miss any single call or SMS.

Also note that some devices don't support 4G Only mode. In that case this mode is perfect choice for you especially when browsing YouTube or uploading videos. LTE Provides fast Internet speed as compared to 3G. Here also switching occurs based on network availability and signal strength.

What is the best-preferred network mode?

If you have read about the above section then may it will be easy for you to choose the best option for you. If you haven't then read first the above part of this post then it's highly recommended to read it first. As per my suggestion best preferred Network Mode is LTE/3G/2G because you allow the device to select the best and reliable Network for you, but the disadvantage is it will consume battery 🔋. In case you are not using the internet on your device, I will recommend you to select 3G/2G (auto-connect) because it will save your battery and GSM is almost available everywhere.

What network mode should my verizon phone be on?

It doesn't matter what kind of device or network you use, the same above-mentioned rules are applied for all. Verizon American multinational Telecommunication but it surf mainly America so if you are American citizens and have no plane to leave the country then 4G LTE mode is a nice choice for you.

Verizon Network Mode Global or LTE

As discussed above if you are traveling outside the country or within the country especially towards village side then Global Mode is perfect for you. But if you are not traveling too far then 4G LTE Only better for you. Because in this mode your device is will received only 4G signals only and you will receive HD voicemail and calls.

How to change my phone network?

Every day new devices are coming to market. These devices have a different method to change their mode so I will go general, but still, this didn't help you comment below your model so I will help you choose the right option.

In general, you can follow the below steps that may help you.

Step 1: Click on the setting.

Step 2: Now search for Connections and click on it

Step 3: You will see Mobile Network click on it

Step 4:  Then Network Mode

That how you can change your network. Still, have a problem or failed to change your network mode, comment below I will try to help in the shortest time. Thanks for reading if like it then does a favor share it with your friends ...