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What is Network Mode and the best preferred network mode is?

What is Network Mode?

Network Mode enables to you switch between different networks like 2G, 3G, UMTS, LTE, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE and more. The switching can be done automatically or you have to select a preferred network manually. You can check in the image below the network mode for Android device.
Network Modes
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2G Only

It is also known as GSM Only. That's mean your mobile will look for only 2G signals whether you are in a 2G network area or not. GSM (2G) will provide a slow internet connection and it is good for voice services but the voice will not be clear as compared to 3G only because of low bandwidth.

3G Only

3G also represent in some devices as WCDMA or UMTS only which are 3G networks and it allows you to surf the internet faster than 2G. Using this mode your mobile will look only for 3G signal. Use this option with care because still, 3G is not available in some countries. It is better in both voice service and internet as compared to 2G only.

3G/2G (Auto-Connect)

It is also known as WCDMA/GSM. Using this mode user allowed the mobile user to switch between 2G and 3G. If the WCDMA (3G) signal is not available then mobile will automatically look for 2G signals. Sometimes the device switches the mode from one to another because of low signals. Instead of using 2g or 3g only I will recommend you to use this network mode because it will auto switch your network which has stronger signals.

LTE/3G/2G (Auto-Connect)

In simple terms LTE means 4G. If the above mode option is available in your smartphone it means your device is 4G supportive. LTE Provide fast Internet speed as compared to 3G and 4G. Using this user allows the device to switch automatically between LTE, 3G, and 2G. Here also switching occurs on the basis of network availability and signal strength. If you are surfing internet on your mobile device then it is a better choice for you.

What is the best-preferred network mode?

Best preferred Network Mode is LTE/3G/2G because you allow the device to select best and strong Network for you but the disadvantage is it will consume battery 🔋. In case you are not using the internet on your device, I will recommend you to select 3G/2G (auto-connect) because it will save your battery and GSM is almost available everywhere.

How to change my phone network?

Every day new devices are coming to market. These devices have a different method to change their mode so will go general but you can google "How to change Network Mode in [YOUR MODLE]" to get method for your device.

In general, you can follow the below steps that may help you

Step 1: Click on setting

Step 2: Connections

Step 3: Mobile Network

Step 4: Network Mode

That how you can change your network. Still, have a problem or failed to Google your answer, comment below I will look for it. Thanks for reading if like it then do a favor share it with your friends ...

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